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SIM University [UniSIM] is the first and only private university for working adults in Singapore. To better serve its students who face challenges in balancing full-time work, family life and part-time study, UniSIM acquired a learning management system -- MyUniSIM [Blackboard] -- and adopted e-Learning as an alternative teaching and learning mode in 2007. This initiative is pursuant with the university's vision of "serving society through excellence in flexible learning for adults".

Why e-Learning?

The e-Learning mode is truly student-centric, in that it emphasises learning rather than teaching. The use of Discussion Boards is a critical component of online learning. Guided online discussions can lead to meaningful peer-learning or collaborative learning and indelible garnering of knowledge that goes beyond classroom teaching.

At the same time, by leveraging on technology to deliver learning contents, e-Learning enables busy working adults to learn at their own pace, space and time. This fulfils UniSIM's vision of providing "flexible learning for adults", and brings the university a step closer to achieving its ultimate goal to deliver "Quality education anytime, anywhere, at one's own pace".

Why eLearn@UniSIM?

UniSIM e-mode courses typically have interactive, self-learning and reflective components that are ideally suited for independent self-paced learning. To better assist e-developers, online instructors, new, existing and potential students of e-learning at UniSIM, the Educational Technology and Production (ETP) department created eLearn@UniSIM to provide:

  • information and computer-based training (CBT) modules on how to e-develop, e-teach and e-learn
  • resources that enhance the online teaching and learning experience
  • a showcase of sample e-courses at UniSIM
  • eHappenings and eArticles to keep abreast of developments in e-learning

For more information about UniSIM, go to: http://www.unisim.edu.sg/.

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